Quakers were gathering for worship in this area by 1712, when members of the Religious Society of Friends met “at the widow Needham’s at Murderkill Creek.” Established as Motherkiln Preparative Meeting (under the care of Duck Creek Meeting), the group probably met in the homes of its members until a meetinghouse was constructed at this site, circa 1760, on land donated by William Jackson. The structure was burned soon thereafter, and for a time Friends debated locating the Meeting to a site near Tidbury Creek. At length, it was decided to re-erect a (brick) meetinghouse here. As of 1788 Motherkiln Meeting gained the status of a monthly meeting. By 1814 members were considering removal to the growing community of Camden, where a preparative meeting had been established in 1805. Regular worship at this site was discontinued by 1828, and in 1839 the Motherkiln and Duck Creek meeting, formally united with Camden Preparative Meeting, forming Camden Monthly Meeting of Friends. The Motherkiln Meetinghouse was used occasionally until 1844 when the building was sold and dismantled.

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LOCATION: Just north of Magnolia on east side of Alternate Route 113.