The origin of this congregation can be traced to the establishment of a Methodist society in Dover in 1778. Land on North Street was obtained in 1782, and a brick chapel was completed there in 1784. Bishops Francis Asbury and Richard Whatcoat, pioneers of American Methodism, often conducted services there. Needing more space, the present site was purchased for a new church. The cornerstone was laid on September 23, 1850, and the building was dedicated the following February. To accommodate further growth, the church was enlarged in 1870 and 1884. A major rebuilding project in 1897 included the addition of stained glass windows, organ pipes, and a lofty beamed ceiling, giving the church a cathedral like appearance. Another addition was built in 1924. In 1950, Grace Fellowship Hall was added, St. Paul’s Chapel was created, and a major redesign of the sanctuary took place. The former Post Office Building to the east became the Education Center in 1967.

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LOCATION:Dover, 209 South State Street