SGT. JOHN B. MABERRY Medal of Honor Recipient

Born December 17, 1841, John B. Maberry was the son of John and Temperance Brockson Maberry of Duck Creek Hundred. Responding to the call of his country, he enlisted in the Union Army’s Company F, First Regiment, Delaware Infantry Volunteers, in August 1861. Actively engaged in many of the major campaigns of the war, the 1st Delaware earned honors and accolades for its outstanding service and military discipline. On July 3, 1863, during the final day of the Battle of Gettysburg, the regiment was on the front line when Confederate forces launched a major offensive against Union troops on Cemetery Ridge. Remembered today as Pickett’s Charge, this engagement is considered to be one of the greatest frontal assaults in military history. Despite a furious artillery barrage by the Confederates before the advance, the charge was successfully repelled. Private Maberry and others left the cover of a stone fence to bravely pursue the fleeing enemy. During the course of this action Maberry was able to capture the flag of the 7th North Carolina. Later promoted to Corporal and then Sergeant, John B. Maberry was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic conduct. After his discharge in July 1865, Sgt. Maberry returned to his native state where he continued to reside. Following his death on December 17, 1922, he was interred in Glenwood Cemetery.

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LOCATION:Smyrna, located at the main entrance of Glenwood Cemetary and

Glenwood Avenue