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Friends of the Delaware Archives - Accomplishments

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The Friends of the Delaware Archives, (FODA) was formed in 1995 as a private, non-profit organization to support the Delaware Public Archives.


  • In 2001 FODA presented a set of the Filby Passenger and Immigration Lists Index (Gales Research) to the Archives at the dedication of the new Research Room.
  • In 2002 FODA sponsored an intern to work at the Archives for eight weeks.
  • FODA paid for refinishing the original 1939 research room (on the second floor of the old archives building).
  • FODA developed a research guide to help beginners in genealogy formulate an effective plan for using Archives facilities to find information that helps trace their family history.
  • FODA paid for hiring a contract archivist to review and produce a descriptive catalog for several hundred documents related to Delaware's role in the American Revolution. FODA then encouraged the Archives to make digital images of these documents so that they could be available to the public without risking damage to the original documents. FODA then developed a plan for publishing transcripts of the images and recruited volunteers to make the transcriptions.
  • FODA sponsored a seminar at which a panel of all living former Governors of Delaware spoke to an audience of archives staff, reporters, and the public about activities of historic interest that had occurred during their terms of office,

Continuing FODA Activities

  • Using money from dues and donations to buy books, microfilm, etc. that compliment the Archives budget for such acquisitions.
  • Helping to publicize Archives events to local history-oriented groups to which FODA members belong.
  • Encouraging historians and secretaries of local groups that generate records of archival use to attend Archives workshops and to use Archives publications that will help them secure, label, organize, and store those records.
  • Inviting prominent Delaware historians to speak at our annual dinner meeting.
  • Sponsoring and providing lecturers for workshops on the use of specific record types for genealogical research -- each related to a specific type (newspaper, immigration, Irish, German, ...).
  • Cosponsoring evening workshops at libraries around the state at which Archives staff and FODA members describe Archives holdings and give examples of using them to explore Delaware history and genealogy.
  • Provide volunteers and funds to supplement Archives staff and budgeted resources to host in-state and multi-state conferences.

Articles in the FODA Newsletter

  • Electronic indices of databases that were recently converted to electronic form and are now available for use in the Archives research room.
  • Archives resources and techniques for using church records in genealogical research.
  • Archives resources and techniques for using tax records in genealogical research.
  • Internet historical and genealogical resources about Delaware and Delawareans.