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Bombardment of Lewes

  SC-167: originally installed in 2003.   In March of 1813, the Royal Navy established a blockade of the Delaware Bay and River. The British squadron, under the command of Commodore John P. Beresford, RN, took up stations off Lewes and the Delaware Capes, and began to conduct raids along the coast in an effort […]


SC-34: Originally installed in 1932. On North side of town was Zwaanendael, first Dutch settlement on Delaware soil. Founded 1631 on the creek, named by settlers Hoorn Kil in honor of the town of Hoorn in Holland. The colony was destroyed by Indians the same year. DeVries, a director of the company which had sent […]


SC-32. Originally installed in 1932. The Dutch in 1673 established a court at Hoorn Kil for the inhabitants “on the east and west sides of Cape Henlopen unto Bomties (Bombay) Hook.” Governor Andros of New York 1676 established an English court at Whorekill, the jurisdiction of which was reduced in 1681 by the creation of […]


SC-31. Under orders from Peter Stuyvesant, the Dutch erected Fort At Hoorn Kil (Lewes Creek) 1659 but were soon dispossessed by the Marylanders. Here was also a communistic settlement established in 1662 by Mennonites from Holland under Peter Cornelis Plockhoy. Sir Robert Carr, 1664, “Destroyed quaking colony of Plockhoy to a Naile.”       […]


RG# 7140   Settled in 1631 by the Dutch, Lewes was the site of Delaware’s first European settlement. In 1681, the land that would become Delaware was part of a land grant by the King of England to the Penn Family. Upon William Penn’s arrival here, he would re-name the southernmost county of what would […]

Lewes Tercentenary Commission / Lewes Memorial Commission

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The War of 1812 Comes to Lewes

On Saturday, January 7, 10:30 a.m., Mike DiPaolo, Executive Director of the Lewes Historical Society, will be presenting a program at the Delaware Public Archives entitled “The War of 1812 Comes to Lewes.”  With the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 taking place in 2012, this program will address the 1813 attack on Lewes […]

OUCH! Dang Mosquito!!!

I saw in the newspaper the other day that they are predicting that the mosquitos are going to be really bad this year because of all the water still laying around.  Did you know that we have records of the Civilian Conservation Corps and Mosquito Control?  We have scrapbooks, diaries, ditch drawings, and photographs. Subjects […]