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Asbury United Methodist Church

  SC-123: originally installed in 1998.   On May 16, 1812, land at this location was conveyed by Minos and Sally Tindall to representatives of the local Methodist society “in trust that they shall build or cause to be erected thereon a house or place of worship for the use of the members of the […]

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Indian Mission Methodist Church

SC-122: originally installed in 2002. In 1881 the Nanticoke Indian people constructed this church to provide a place to join for religious devotions. Known as “Johnson’s Chapel,” the church was affiliated with the Methodist Protestant denomination. On March 27, 1884, the land upon which the church had been built was conveyed by Jesse E. and […]

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Westwood Methodist Church

SC-121: originally installed in 1998. During the spring of 1779, Methodist pioneer Freeborn Garrettson visited this area to bring the message of his faith to the people. The efforts of Reverend Garrettson and others who followed were met with considerable success. Numerous “societies” or “classes” were organized as a result. Meetings were often held in […]

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St. Pauls United Methodist Church

SC-120: originally installed in 1998. In 1865 the Maryland Conference of the Methodist Protestant Church established a “mission” or charge circuit in southwestern Sussex County. At the time local members of that faith were holding meetings in Sharp’s school, a one-room schoolhouse located less than one-half mile from here. On August 21, 1868, the “Trustees […]

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Union Wesley United Methodist Church & Campground

SC-119: originally installed in 1998. The roots of African-American Methodism in this area can be traced to the late 18th century when Methodism pioneers such as Francis Asbury and Freeborn Garrettson traveled locally organizing black “classes” for worship. Over time some groups chose to leave the mother church, while others such as this congregation remained […]

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Prince Georges Chapel

SC-118: originally installed in 1998. Before the settlement of the boundary dispute between Delaware and Maryland, this area was considered to lie in Maryland. On July 5, 1755, responding to the request of members of the Church of England residing in the upper portion of Worchester Parish, the Maryland Assembly enacted legislation authorizing the purchase […]

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Wesley United Methodist Church

SC-117: originally installed in 1997. This congregation’s beginnings can be traced to a visit from Methodist pioneer Francis Asbury to a gathering of farm families at the home of Abraham Harris on September 24, 1779. A prominent local landowner, Mr. Harris later conveyed a substantial portion of the land upon which the Town of Georgetown […]

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Hickory Hill Methodist Church

SC-113: originally installed in 1997. For many years local Methodists were forced to travel a considerable distance to attend services. In 1873, Houston’s School House was established as a preaching place within the local circuit. The success of this effort stimulated interest in building a church. On September 11, 1877, Robert B. Houston conveyed an […]

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Bethesda United Methodist Church

SC-112: originally installed in 1997. During the late 18th century many of the residents of this area embraced the Methodist faith. Meetings were often held in the homes of church members. The origin of the Bethesda congregation can be traced to February of 1832 when trustees purchased a one-half acre of land southeast of here. […]

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Concord United Methodist Church

SC-110: originally installed in 1996. On August 24, 1804, the trustees of the Concord Methodist Meeting House purchased this site from Robert Boyce and his wife Nancy. Part of a larger tract known as “New Ireland,” the land consisted of approximately three-eighths of an acre on which a meeting house had already been erected. In […]

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