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town meeting in Seaford to announce the building of the new duPont plant
Taken on October 19, 1938, this photograph documents the town meeting in Seaford to announce the building of the new duPont plant.

du Pont’s Debut

Seaford was much changed by the addition of the nylon plant in 1938. It became a popular spot for development and much was happening on Seaford’s west side. At the beginning of 1940, du Pont’s legal department was in contact with Seaford concerning the status of the land for Nylon Boulevard. This land was supposed to be deeded to the company to build a connecting road to the plant.

This photograph is part of Delaware in World War II collection. The collection presents a wide range of activities in Delaware during the war. Over twenty-five percent of the collection deals with Dover Air Force Base, New Castle Army Air Base, Fort du Pont, Fort Miles and Edgemore Coast Guard Base. Civilian war activities include war loan drives, Victory Gardens, civilian defense, industry, salvage drives, Red Cross, U.S.O. and celebrations of the war’s end. There is also a section that deals with everyday life in Delaware; especially in Wilmington and includes the Swedish Tercentenary and the crash of St. George’s Bridge.

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