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1933 petition to reject the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment
While the Prohibition era was a very controversial time in American history, many Delawareans supported Prohibition through this 1933 petition to reject the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment.

To Drink or not to Drink

Not everyone supported the repeal of the eighteenth amendment which outlawed alcohol in the United States. The twenty-first amendment was passed by the United States in 1933 to repeal the eighteenth amendment. Many people in Sussex County felt so strongly that they petitioned the Sussex County Clerk of the Peace not to repeal prohibition. As it turned out, most Delawareans did not agree with them and the General Assembly made Delaware the seventh state in the nation to ratify the twenty-first amendment. Pierre DuPont was very outspoken against prohibition because he felt it led to corruption.

This document is found in the Sussex County Clerk of the Peace collection. The clerk of the Peace was an important office in county government since he served as clerk to the Levy Court, Court of General Sessions, Court of Oyer and Terminer and Juvenile Court. Many state and all county licenses were issued from this office. Documents related to those courts can be found in this collection.

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