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100th Anniversary
This 1919 Sussex County Probate indicates that Delia Wilson wants to ensure that her “husband and one son get one cent and no more of my estate.”

Till death do us part…

Delia M. Wilson, who died in 1920, had five other children that she gave her estate to, but left her husband, George C. Wilson and son, Oscar H. Fleetwood, only one cent. After the sale of her belongings and the cash on hand, they had $396.74 dollars to divide between them, minus of course, two cents. The husband and son had to buy their beds and quilts at the auction even to have something to sleep on.

Probate records are kept by the counties and eventually, turned over to the Archives. Included in this collection are, wills, inventories, letters of administration, lists of sales and any other document generated while the person’s estate is being probated. Since they often list family members either in the will or the account record, this collection can be helpful with genealogy.

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