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A native of Ulster, Ireland, John Haslet was born circa 1728 and emigrated to America about 1757. After playing an active role in the Pennsylvania militia during the French and Indian War, Haslet eventually settled in the Milford area along this road on a tract of land consisting of more than 400 acres. Although he served as an ordained Presbyterian minister during his early years in Ireland, he was known for his medical skills after his arrival in America. In January 1776, Haslet was commissioned as a colonel and given command of the recently formed Delaware Regiment. Upon joining General Washington’s army in the summer of 1776 the regiment fought bravely in the Battles of Long Island and White Plains. Haslet and the regiment remained with Washington’s army to participate in the now famous crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas night to attack the enemy at Trenton on December 26, 1776. Eight days later, Haslet was killed in action during the Battle of Princeton. Buried at the First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Haslet’s remains were later transferred to Dover in July 1841. It is believed that Haslet’s residence was located in this area. His son, Governor Joseph Haslet, owned the property until it was sold in 1812.

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