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“The origin of this church can be traced to the organization of a local Methodist society soon after the American Revolution. By 1790 the Sandy Branch Society was joining regularly for worship, holding services in the open air and in the homes of members. Sometime thereafter the congregation constructed their first church at a location on the north side of present-day Selbyville. The building was also used as a school. Land, where the structure stood, was conveyed to church trustees in 1833. The first church was used until a new building was constructed near the old one on a lot of ground purchased in 1849. The growth of the town and the prosperity of the congregation resulted in the desire for a new facility. In 1884 a new building was completed at the present site. This structure remained in use until 1911, when it was moved to an adjoining lot where a school had formerly stood. For a time the old building was also used for school purposes. It was destroyed by fire in 1922. Construction of the present church was commenced in 1911 following the relocation of the older structure. A new parsonage was constructed as well. The total cost of the church and parsonage was approximately $25,000. Completion of the project was celebrated at a dedication service on July 14, 1912.” (1)

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