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  1. Scanning and Photocopying Fees – Mail Order
  2. Scanning and Photocopying Fees – Research Room Patrons
  3. Audio Visual Duplication Services Fees
  4. Microfilm Duplication Services
  5. Order Forms and Payments



1. Scanning and Photocopying Fees – Mail Orders  

Number of Images or Pages Price Per Order
1 to 10 $10.00
11 to 20 $15.00
21 to 30 $20.00
31 to 40 $25.00
41 to 50 $30.00
51 to 60 $35.00
60+ $5.00 increase for each additional 10 images/pages


Postage and handling is included in the order price. When ordering scans, please complete the Scanning Order Form, providing the collection record group and series number; photo, folder, and box number, if applicable; and a complete description of the image. For questions concerning Scanning Orders, please use our Contact Form and select ‘Scanning Orders’ under the ‘Selection’ pull-down menu. To order photocopies, please email and staff will send a price quote. All orders over fifty pages will scanned and saved to a CD or a USB drive.


2. Scanning and Photocopying Fees – Research Room Patrons  

Type of Copy Price Per Page
Scanning (photographs, documents, book pages) $0.50 per image, $2.50 for a CD, $10 for USB
Self-Service Printing From Computer Workstations $0.10
Self-Service Reader Printer Copy (Microfilm) $0.50
Self-Service Scans From Microfilm (Researcher Brings CD or Thumb Drive) No charge
Staff-Made Reader Printer Copy (Microfilm) $0.75
Staff-Made Copier Copy (Books, Documents, etc.) * $0.50
Oversize Pre-Printed Copy (Hanging Map Collection) $1.00
Oversize Copy Special Request (i.e. Architectural Drawings) $3.50
Vital Statistics Certificate [Includes one certified copy of a single vital statistics record and (optional) S/H] $25.00
Pardon $10.00
Divorce Decrees $10.00
School Records $10.00


* Self-Service access to Copier not available. Please be aware that some documents/records may not be available for copying due to poor/fragile condition and/or other preservation concerns. Copy orders for documents will be approved on a case-by-case basis by Research Room Staff/the Archivist.

Fee for each Vital Statistics certified copy is $25.00. Duplicate copies of the same vital statistics record are $25.00 each.


3. Audio Visual Duplication Services Fees 

Type of Media* Price Per Media Item
Audio Cassette $10.00
Audio CD $10.00
MP3, WAV or Windows Media Player file on CD or DVD $10.00
DVD Video $10.00
Shipping and Handling + $6.00/order


* If a patron requests a format of an item that DPA cannot produce in-house, the patron will be charged in advance for all costs of the transfer. (Example: A patron requesting a DVD copy of an Audio Visual record on 16mm film, the patron will be billed in advance for all costs associated with the outsourced “Archival” transfer from 16mm film to DVD.)

 In-house duplication or transfers of audio, video and film holdings are available for a fee of $10.00 per media item. If a single request requires more than one media item, the $10.00 fee is to be assessed for each additional item. (Example: A patron whose single audio request requires two CDs will be charged $20.00 for the order plus S/H, if applicable.)

A minimum fee of $6.00 will be added to any and all orders to be handled by mail. Large orders may require additional charges. Granting public access to OR duplication of copies of items from DPA’s Audio Visual Holdings requires prior notice and authorization. For questions concerning Audio Visual Duplication Services, please use our Contact Form and select ‘Audio / Visual Holdings’ under the ‘Selection’ pull-down menu.


4. Microfilm Duplication Services  

Film Type Duplication Prices
35 MM Roll $16.00 – $18.80
16 MM (100 ft) $ 8.29 – $11.02
16 MM (215 ft) $14.00 – $16.86
DPA Digitization, 35/16 MM Roll $60.00 first roll / $30.00 each additional roll
Microfiche $ 0.64
Shipping and Handling will vary

NOTES: Shipping is calculated by the total weight and shipping destination. When ordering copies of microfilm, please complete the Microfilm/Scanning Order Form, providing the collection record group and series number; roll or microfiche number, if applicable; and a description of the record. For questions concerning microfilm orders or digitizing microfilm, please use our Contact Form and select ‘Microfilm Reels’ under the ‘Selection’ pull-down menu.


Order Forms All order forms are available on our Public Forms page. Most DPA forms are in .pdf format and require Acrobat Reader for full compatibility. If you do not have this software on your computer, you can download it free from Adobe Systems. If you need help with Adobe Reader, please see their support here.


Payment may be made by mail or online. When making payment by mail, print out the appropriate order form, and then mail it along with your payment to:

Delaware Public Archives 121 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. North Dover, Delaware 19901

Payment by credit card may be made online by proceeding to the following site: Click on the appropriate number of copies “Buy now” button. Proceed to Checkout. If you do not already have an account you will need to create one by clicking the “I am a new customer” button. If you already have an account you will need to login to “returning customer.” Please include your inquiry number in the comment field of the Payment Information screen. We accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover cards. If you have any questions about payment, please use our Contact Form or call us at (302) 744-5000.