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1656 – Land grant from Peter Stuyvesant to Alexander Boyer

Land grant (dated November 30, 1656) from Peter Stuyvesant, Director General of New Netherland, to Alexander Boyer for a plantation of about 72 acres (24 morgen) on the Delaware River (South River) north of Fort Casimir, bordering on the land of Frans Smith..


Petrus Stuyvesant, in the name of the Honorable High and Mighty Lords of the States General of the United Netherlands and the Honorable Lords Directors of the Privileged West India Company, Director General of the New Netherland, Curacoa, Boynairo, Aruba and the appendencies thereof, together with the Honorable Lords Councilors, Witness and declare that we on this day, the date hereinafter mentioned, have granted and bestowed upon Alexander Boyer, A Plantation situate on the South River of New Netherland, to the North of Fort Casamier on the corner between the first and second Valley on the South End of Frans Smith’s, wide along the river side from the corner of the Valley to the land of the aforesaid Frans Smith North-east by East, rather Easterly, Sixty six Rods, further along saidSmith into the Woods North North-West fifty Rods, further to the Valley South-West One hundred Rods, further along the Valley East South-East fifty Rods, further West sixty Rods, further East by South forty-four Rods, further to the first starting point South-East by East fifty-three Rods, and are herein measured two inlets of Valleys; amounting to about four and twenty Morgen.  Upon express conditions and provisos, &c, the 30th of November, Anno 1656.


  RG 0000.001 Duke of York Record Book, page 3.
Transcript from: Original Land Titles in Delaware Commonly Known as The Duke of York Record, (Wilmington, DE: Sunday Star Print, 1903), p. 6.

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