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Listen to historic audio clips of interviews and radio broadcasts concerning service in WWII, desegregation, recycling, and baseball.

  1. Radio Program on Station WILM about civil rights, Mrs. Jean Jamison of the NAACP speaking, February 6, 1949 
    WILM_civilrights_020649 924.00KB
  2. A clip of Senator Foltz, addressing negro rights to housing legislation; 1967 
    foltz_negro_housing_rights 385.00KB
  3. Senator Herman Holloway speaking to HB 23, establishing a Martin Luther King Holiday in Delaware 
    mlk_070184_holloway 484.00KB
  4. Interview with Charles and James Allen of Wilmington Delaware about their experience in WWII; Rome, Italy 04/19/1945 
    1945_interview-Allens_B24Liberator_RomeItaly_0077 1.14MB
  5. Congressman Caleb J. Boggs Memorial Day speech in Washington DC; May 27 1947
    1947_Congressman_Boggs_Memorial_Day_Speech 0.98MB
  6. Governor Bacon addresses the opening session of the 115th General Assembly.
    1949_JointSession_Carvel_GovBacon 2.05MB
  7. The Delaware Music Camp 1961 Concert, vocal, 4th stanza
    1964_Our Delaware_DE Music Camp.mp3 665.00KB
  8. Short clip of Legislative debate on HB 688, 130th General Assembly related to Reclamation and Recycling of Beverage Containers.
    1980_debate on HB 688 The Bottle Bill.mp3 1.25MB
  9. Interview of former Governor Carvel by former Senator Roger Martin on voting problems.
    1996_Carvel Interview_on voting issues.mp3 1.08MB
  10. Interview of former Governor Carvel by former Senator Roger Martin related to Carvel’s working relationship with Governor Bacon when Carvel was Lt. Governor.
    1996 Carvel interview_relationship w Governor Bacon.mp3 1.10MB
  11. Bill Campell in Wilmington interviewing Bob Carpenter about the Phillies Baseball Team
    Ca.1949_Phillies_Bob Carpenter Interview.mp3 830.00KB
  12. Sung by Shields Elementary (Lewes) school children, these lyrics were written in 2003 for the Delaware Day Competition.
    Itsy, Bitsy Delaware 1.59MB
  13. WILM Report on the Legislature 1947, 114th General Assembly during Governor Bacon’s tenture from DPA’s phonograph collection.
    9014-003-192_Disc1_Side1_Track1 Legislative Report-1947.mp3 4.73MB

Milford School Desegregation audio recordings From original tape recordings made by radio station WKSB MSDC-1

  1. MSDC-1.mp3 – Bryant Bowles, anti-desegregation meeting at Lincoln Delaware 9.68MB
    September 30, 1954 15 minutes
  2. MSDC-2.mp3 – Bryant Bowles, anti-desegregation rally 21.80MB
    October 10, 1954 30 minutes
  3. MSDC-3.mp3 – Bryant Bowles, anti-desegregation rally 21.80MB
    October 10, 1954 30 minutes
  4. MSDC-4.mp3 – Bryant Bowles, citizens organizing meeting at Harrington Delaware Airport 20.20MB
    September 26, 1954 30 minutes
  5. MSDC-5.mp3 – Bryant Bowles rally 21.40MB
    September 26, 1954 30 minutes
  6. MSDC-6.mp3 – Radio address by Bryant Bowles in which he endorses segregationist candidates for Milford School Board 10.30MB
    May 13, 1955 15 minutes
  7. MSDC-7.mp3 – Bryant Bowles, special meeting of the Milford City Council, discussion of an article in Redbook magazine. Mayor Evans was presiding. 20.80MB
    May 25, 1955 31 minutes
  8. MSDC-8.mp3 – Bryant Bowles, anti-desegregation Citizens meeting, Milford High School 21.80MB
    September 20, 1954 Milford Board of Education at the State Board of Education
    September 23, 1954Bryant Bowles at Lincoln, Delaware Rally
    September 30, 1954 28 minutes total
  9. MSDC-9.mp3 – Meet the Candidates for Milford School Board Election 13.80MB
    Cerar Bennett, Max Corder, Ernest Macklin and George Robbins
    May 13, 1955 28 minutes

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