The Studley House

In the 1830s the oldest portion of this structure, a one-room house, is believed to have been built. The house was enlarged significantly in the 1850s with the addition of a slightly taller story-and-a-half center portion and a full two-story section. A shed room was attached to the back of the original one-room section of the house during the same time period. Among the many owners of this home during the 1800s and 1900s were the Hearn, Messick, Collins, Morris, Cannon, Perry, and Studley families. William J. Studley bought the house in 1931 from Rose Perry after renting it for several years. The Studley family operated a small general store in the western-most room and porch. Fred and Sally White later ran the store and it became known simply as “Sally’s Store.” Much of the original interior architectural features remain including mantels, beaded beam ceilings, fireplace boxes and hearths, some flooring, trim, and a built-in cabinet. Purchased in 1996 by the Laurel Historical Society, the house’s exterior was restored to its mid 1800s appearance which included the beaded cypress siding, boxed cornice, window trims, and the original paint color.

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LOCATION: Spruce Street and East 6th., Laurel