Hearns Pond

This body of water was created in 1816, when a grist mill was established on Clear Brook Branch at this location by Nathaniel Ross. Known by various names, most notably those of two early owners, William Cannon and William Ross, the mill was destroyed by fire in 1879. The Cannon and Ross Mill became known as Hearn’s Mill when Marcellus Hearn bought the property in 1885. The Corn Stone from the original mill was saved from the fire and installed in the new mill which was erected in its place. Hearn later installed rollers for grinding grain to replace the traditional wheel-turned stones, making the mill more efficient for flour production. George H. Hearn and Mary Rawlins, Marcellus’ son and daughter, took over the mill following his death in 1916. Hearn and Rawlins Flour Mill continued in the possession of family members until 1999, when it was purchased by The United Nation of Islam. The mill structures were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. Hearn’s Pond is now the property of the State of Delaware.

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LOCATION: Bridgeville , Seaford Highway right.