The origin of this congregation can be traced to the late 17th century when this area was settled by people seeking religious freedom and economic opportunity. Many were persons of Welsh, French, and Scottish descent who subscribed to the Protestant Reformed tradition of worship. For many years they were forced to travel great distances to attend services. Formally organized in 1763, they constructed Blackwater Presbyterian Church in 1767 at a location a few miles west of here. In 1856, the expanding population of this community resulted in the establishment of a new church at this location on land that was provided by the Hall family. The cornerstone for the building was formally laid on July 5, 1856. This structure served the needs of the congregation until 1907, when the present sanctuary was built. Church facilities were expanded with the construction of the George T. West Fellowship Center in 1974 and a new meeting hall in 2003.

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LOCATION: 67 Central Avenue, Ocean View.