In the fall of 1831, Reverend Thomas Pearson came to Laurel to assist with the establishment of a Methodist Protestant congregation in the community. With its founding, the church became one of the first of this denomination in Delaware. Early meetings were held in a schoolhouse. A church was constructed on West Street in 1832, and a cemetery established nearby. Desiring a new house of worship, the congregation purchased property on Wheat Street – now Central Avenue, in 1866. A two-story frame church was completed the following year. This building was used until 1911, when the present stone structure was constructed. Additional land was acquired over the years and church facilities were expanded. Property adjoining the church was purchased in 2000 to accommodate a growing congregation.

Pastors of note include Reverend James H. Straughn, who served the congregation from 1912-1919. He was the leader of the Methodist unification movement in the 1930s, and was chosen to serve as Bishop when the churches merged.

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LOCATION: Laurel. Central Avenue.