Near this site, on October 21, 1910, the first heavier than air aircraft built in Delaware made its first flight. The aircraft, known as the Delaplane, was built by Robie Seidelinger and piloted by Eddie Bloomfield. The construction was funded by the Wilmington Aero Club at an estimated cost of nearly $6,000. Construction took place in a barn at the Gentlemen’s Driving Club, also known as Horseshow Park and, later, Wawaset Park. Originally built with two propellers, the aircraft was modified to fly with a single propeller before its first flight. The flight occurred on the last run of three high speed taxi runs when the test pilot pulled back on the controls and the aircraft became airborne for approximately 50 yards. The aircraft was later destroyed by fire while being stored in a shed at a rifle range near the town of New Castle.

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LOCATION: Wawaset Park