The Delaware Continentals

On December 9, 1775, the Continental Congress resolved that a body of troops be raised in Delaware "for the defense of American liberty." Commanded by Colonel John Haslet, the Delaware Regiment consisted of more than 500 battle-ready troops when they marched northward to join the Continental Army in August 1776. After expiration of enlistments and Haslet's death, the Regiment was reorganized in the winter of 1776-77 under the leadership of Colonel David Hall. Participants in many of the major battles of the Revolution, their conduct earned the praise of their enemies. Forced to endure great hardship, the Regiment was widely acclaimed for its discipline and bravery. Greatly depleted in number, they returned to Delaware victorious in January 1783. The Delaware National Guard's 198th Signal Battalion traces its lineage to the Delaware Continentals, and honors them today through their continued dedication and service.

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LOCATION: Hickman Rd., Claymont