Born in Wilmington, Delaware, on January 12, 1919, James P. Connor entered the U. S. Army in January 1941. As a member of the 7th Infantry, 3rd Division, he was a participant in the amphibious landing at Cape Cavalaire in southern France. On August 15, 1944, Sgt. Connor was assigned to a battle patrol whose mission was to destroy enemy fortifications that threatened the troops that were coming ashore. Though seriously wounded by a mine that killed his platoon lieutenant, Sgt. Connor refused medical aid and inspired the men to cross a mine-saturated beach under intense fire. With the death of the next senior officer, Sgt. Connor became platoon leader. Though wounded again, he led the patrol through nearly impregnable mortar concentrations. Despite receiving a third grave wound, which rendered him unable to stand, Sgt. Connor continued to give orders and direct the assault. Reduced to less than one-third of its original strength, the patrol took all their assigned objectives, successfully completing their mission, and saving many lives as a result. Discharged in 1945, Sgt. Connor returned to his native state, where he resided until his death on July 27, 1994. In recognition of his bravery, devotion, and sacrifice, Sgt. James P. Connor was awarded our Nation’s highest military tribute, the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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LOCATION: New Castle, DE, located in the circular drive in the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery