Dover Light Infantry

The Light Infantry Company of Dover, a part of the 1st Battalion of Kent County, mustered in on 2 April 1776. Each militia volunteer was uniformly armed, equipped, and wore a standard military coat of green faced with red lapels, cuffs, and collar. From 14 December 1776 to 14 January 1777, Captain Thomas Rodney, youngest brother to Declaration of Independence signer Caesar Rodney, and his light infantry company responded to General George Washington's Call to Arms for militia during the darkest days of the American Revolution. Members of the company who volunteered for this perilous mission marched from Dover, crossed the Delaware River into New Jersey, and as part of Brigadier General John Cadwalader's Pennsylvania Brigade, played key military roles in Washington's decisive victories against British and Hessian forces at the Second Battle of Trenton, and the Battle of Princeton. For distinguished service, Washington appointed the Light Infantry Company of Dover "to be his own guard." This memorial is dedicated in remembrance of these patriots who served "in the Defense and Protection of American Liberty."

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LOCATION: Front of Legislative Hall, Dover