Felton Train Station

In 1836, the Delaware General Assembly chartered the Delaware Railroad for the purpose of building a line from a junction with the New Castle and Frenchtown Railroad to the southern border of the state. Due to poor economic conditions, construction was delayed for many years. The Delaware Railroad eventually reached this area in 1856. The first depot built in the Felton was located south of this point where the railroad crosses Main Street. In 1868, the new Italianate-style station was constructed on this site to serve as a ‘whistle’ stop on the new rail line. The station also became a focal point to encourage planned growth in Felton. Passenger rail service continued here until the early 1950s. To celebrate the nation’s bicentennial in 1976, the station was restored to reflect its historical past. The Felton Railroad Station was listed in the National Historic Register on July 13, 1981.

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LOCATION: Railroad Avenue, Felton