In 1829 the Delaware General Assembly enacted legislation resulting in the establishment of a public school system. The state was subdivided into local districts. One of these was School District #5, which was created to serve the needs of students in this area. In 1854 a two-story brick schoolhouse was erected at this location to supplant the outgrown frame structure used since the district’s creation. After the consolidation of several local districts in 1881, a new school was constructed at a nearby site of the opposite side of South Street. Upon its completion in 1884, the District #5 property was sold. The brick building was converted for use as a home. It was later dismantled. The school’s frame attachment was moved back of the lot to face Cummins Street, where it also was renovated for use as a private residence. In 1936 the wooden structure that had once served as a place of learning for local students was again moved to its present location at 110 South Street.

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LOCATION: 110 South Street, Smyrna.