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  The Friends of the Delaware Archives, Inc., is an organization of citizens concerned with assisting the Delaware Public Archives in fulfilling its role as a vital information link between people and government. The Friends organizations supports the management, preservation and responsible use of one of Delaware's most precious resources, its public records, which span and document more than three and a half centuries of Delaware history.

Established in 1995 as a private, non-profit organization, the Friends of the Delaware Archives provides citizens with the opportunity to participate directly in furthering the work of the Public Archives. The purpose of the organization is to enhance the ability of the Public Archives to fulfill its mission by supporting activities which might otherwise not be undertaken because of limitations on public funding. The goal of the Friends is to make the wealth of historical and documentary information contained within the Public Archives known and accessible to a broader public. Specifically, the Friends of Delaware Archives:

  • provides citizens with a collective voice to ensure that Delaware's state and local governments properly preserve, and provide access to, archival records of Delaware governments;
  • brings to the attention of all Delawareans the value of their public records through publicizing the Public Archives and its holdings;
  • sponsors educational programs and publications which highlight the holdings of the Public Archives and the value of public records to the citizens of the First State;
  • sponsors the annual Harold Hancock Research Fellowship to assist financially a researcher using archival records at the Delaware Public Archives to research an aspect of state or local history;
  • provides support to the Delaware Public Archives in carrying out its statutory and stewardship mission as trustees for the citizens of the State for their public records of enduring value.

Why Should I Join?

Each of us relies upon government to maintain and protect information which is important to our lives. Official records-- records of births, deaths and marriages, school transcripts, records of property ownership, payment of taxes, legislative records and records of our judicial branch and other government agencies-- document the rights of citizens, the obligations of government and the history of our state and its people.

As the agency charged with the responsibility for protecting and preserving our records, the Public Archives works for each of us. As a member of the Friends of the Delaware Archives, you can help ensure that the information you need will be available if and when you need it.

The Friends need you to join with them in this important work, as stewards of Delaware's irreplaceable documentary heritage. You can support the preservation, wider use and sound management of our Delaware Archives. Please join and ask your friends who love Delaware history to join, too!

For more information on joining the Friends of the Delaware Archives, Inc., contact:

Friends of the Delaware Archives, Inc.
P.O. Box 26
Dover DE 19903
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