I would like to thank everyone involved in the project including Archives Director Steve Marz, staff members Lori Hatch, Jessica Carmichael, and Suzan Voshell for their invaluable help in preparing this project; Brian Feeley and Barbara Emery for the use of Brian’s lesson on price controls (Lesson M); Dusty Shockley, Education Associate for Social Studies at DOE for his support and input in the lesson plans; Susan Evans, a former librarian at Postlethwait Middle School in the Caesar Rodney District, who spent many hours researching and writing the historical background information for the lesson plans; and all the wonderful volunteers who took the time to organize, count, and box the thousands of documents that make up this kit. These volunteers include:

Leah Boothe
Jacqueline Boothe
Donna Josefowski
Katie Josefowski
Jack Lewis
Nancy Lewis
Nancy Lyons
Mary Emily Miller
Madison Price
Joan Rumsey
Geri Sheridan
Hannah Summers
Debbie Summers

Special thanks to Lisa Prueter for taking on the task of creating the new lesson plans for the kit.

Tom Summers