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The 17th Century - A Period Of Growth And Change

Examining the 17th century through the documents of the Delaware Public Archives

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c. 1680 - Survey for Whitwell's Chance, 1000 acres

Survey by Walter Wharton for William Taylor for 100 acres of land called Whitwell's Chance, located north of the southernmost branch of Duck Creek, bordering White Hall, Muddy Branch, and Duck Creek.


Track of Laside of Delaware Bay & on ye North anch of A creek Called Duck Creik Bay Beginning at a White Oak being  a track of Land called Whithall Creik 500 pearches to another Bounded side from thence North by a Line of Bounded White Oak standing in ye  ence East by a line marked Trees to a bounded White by a great Criple 500 pearches from thence South by a Line of marked Threes to the first bounded Tree-Containing one thousand Acres By me.

Examined By me WalterWm. Taylor by Appointment of Mr. Wharton Surveyor. Walter Wharton G. Surveyor.


RG 0000.001 Duke of York Record Book, page 61.

Transcript from: Original Land Titles in Delaware Commonly Known as The Duke of York Record, (Wilmington, DE: Sunday Star Print, 1903), p. 36.