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1677/8 - Survey for Kingston upon Hull

Survey made by Walter Wharton of 450 acres of land and 40 acres of marsh called "Kingston Upon Hull" in St. Jones, bordering on the Delaware Bay, St. Jones's Creek, land of Robert Jones, and land belonging to the "Towne point" for John Briggs and Mary Phillips dated March 12, 1677/8.


By Vertue of a Warrant from the Court at the Whore Kill dated the 12th day of March 1677-8. 

Layd out for John Briggs and Mary Philips a Tract of Land called Kingston upon Hull situate and being on the West side of Delaware Bay, and on the North-East side of St. Jone's Creek being the Land and plantation whereon they now Dwell and is bounded as followeth (Vizt.) Begining at a Corner marked black Oake standing by the side of the (71) Marsh which Lyeth between the Land and the Creek nigh unto the upper side of the Cleered grownd And from the said Oak Runing North East by a Line of marked Trees, dividing this from the Land of Robert Jones three hundred and Seventy perches to the side of a Marsh which proceedeth from the maine Bay and from thence South East two hundred perches and the South West by a Line of marked Trees dividing this from the Land belonging to the Towne point, two hundred fifty and Eight perches to a Corner marked Black Oak standing at the Head of a Great Marsh branch, which divideth this from the Towne Point.  And from thence following the severall Courses of the Marsh, and Creek to the first mentioned Corner black oak: Conteining four and fifty Acres of Land, and about forty a Marsh lying between this Land and the aforesaid Creek; as by a Map of the same hereto annexed may more plainly appeare four George Wale by Pattent bearing date in June 1671 and fifty Acres the Residue being new Land.

By me  Walter Wharton Surveyor.


RG 0000.001 Duke of York Record Book, page 70.

Transcript from: Original Land Titles in Delaware Commonly Known as The Duke of York Record, (Wilmington, DE: Sunday Star Print, 1903), pp. 46-47.