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Naturalization records can be found in a number of series amongst the holdings of the Delaware Public Archives. The earliest material can be found in the records of the Court of Common Pleas and the Supreme Court of each county. In 1831, the Superior Court was established and took over many of the functions of the two earlier courts. In 1906, the United States Government assumed the responsibility for the naturalization process and at that time most of the local offices stopped maintaining such records. See our individual series descriptions for more information on each series.

This index covers naturalization records for selected record series from Superior Court in all three counties. The records abstracted were those that contain substantial information about particular individuals, thus providing useful information to those researchers searching for a specific person. Please note, where stated, the place of origin column abstracts the information given on the record, and may vary to include country name or a specific place, region, or nationality. The series indexed herein are:

  • New Castle County Petitions for Naturalizations-Final Papers (1217.31)
  • New Castle County Declarations of Intent-Naturalizations-First Papers (1217.34)
  • New Castle County Naturalizations-Petitions to the Court (1217.35)
  • Kent County Naturalization Papers (1217.52)
  • Kent County Declarations of Intention (First Papers) (1217.66)
  • Kent County Petition and Record for Naturalization (1217.79)
  • Kent County Naturalization Book (1217.83)
  • Sussex County Declarations of Intention for Naturalization (1217.100)
  • Sussex County Certificate of Naturalization Stubs (1217.168)
  • Sussex County Petition and Record for Naturalization (1217.169)
  • Sussex County Prothonotary’s Naturalization Correspondence (1217.263)
  • Sussex County Naturalization Papers (1217.264)

A list of Superior Court series which include naturalization information, but were not deemed suitable for this project, can be obtained from the Research Room Staff.

Be advised that this database represents only a sampling of the naturalization records we hold.

Naturalization Checklist by Place of Origin

Naturalization Checklists by Last Name

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