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Even if a book has not been written about your house, the observations of historians on similar topics will broaden your perspective. Listed below are some of the most useful sources to get you started. There are many more books, reports, and articles on more specific topics available at the local research facilities listed in Section 2 of this guide.

Delaware Architecture

Bennett, George Fletcher. Early Architecture of Delaware. New York: Crown Publishers, 1932. (DSA HSD, UD)

Chase, Susan Mulchahey, David L. Ames, and Rebecca J. Siders. "Suburbanization in the Vicinity of Wilmington, Delaware, 1880-1950+/-: A Historic Context." University of Delaware, College of Urban Affairs and Public Policy, 1992. (CHAD, DESHPO)

This report describes the history and design of 176 suburban neighborhoods around Wilmington.

Eberlein, Harold Donaldson and Cortland Hubbard. Historic Houses and Buildings of Delaware. Dover, DE: Public Archives Commission, 1962. (DSA, HSD, UD )

Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration for the State of Delaware. Delaware: A Guide to the First State. New York: the Viking Press, 1938. (DSA, HSD, UD, some County Libraries)

Also look for the revised edition: Delaware: A Guide to the First State. Ed. Jeannette Eckman. New York: Hasting House, 1955. Both versions provide information on Delaware history and architecture and include driving tours.

Fisher, Caroline C., Allison W. Elterich, Bernard L. Herman, and Rebecca J. Siders. "Marshland Resources in the Delaware Estuary, 1830 to 1950 +/-: A Historic Context." University of Delaware, College of Urban Affairs and Public Policy, 1993. (CHAD, DESHPO)

Hennan, Bernard. Architecture and Rural Life in Central Delaware 1700-1900. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1987. (DSA, HSD, UD)

A detailed study of architecture and agriculture in southern New Castle County.

Historic American Buildings Survey. (UD microfilm no. 425 and CHAD)

Begun in 1933, this is a national archive of photographs and measured drawings of important historic architecture.

Lanier, Gabrielle M. and Bernard Hemlan. Everyday Architecture of the Mid-Atlantic: Looking at Buildings and Landscapes. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, (available spring 1997).

Delaware History

Many local research facilities have good collections of Delaware history books.

This short list will get you started.

Conrad, Henry C. History of the State of Delaware. Wilmington, DE: The Author, 1908. (HSD, DSA)

Delaware History. (HSD, UD, DSA, some County Libraries) .

The journal of the Historical Society of Delaware contains many excellent articles on local historical topics. Publication began in 1946.

Delaware, A History of the First State. Ed. H. Clay Reed. New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Co., 1947.

Munroe, John A. History of Delaware. Newark, DE: University of Delaware Press, 1976. (HSD, DSA, UD)