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General Collection, Portraits—Box 1

Folder 2: Gen. Banks

Folder 4: Lt. Biddle

Folder 7: Lt. Burton

Cpl. Burton

J. Burton

Folder 8: Lt. Carrow

Folder 9: Lt. Chambers

Lt. Clark

Folder 11: Capt. Corbett

Folder 12: Capt. Day (Levin Bevins Day)

General Collection, Portraits—Box 2

Folder 4: Sgt. Freese

Folder 7: Sgt. Hazzard

Folder 8: Lt. D. Stewart Hessey, C. S. A.

Folder 12: Lt. Joseph

General Collection, Portraits—Box 3

Folder 2: Samuel J. Lank

Folder 6: Rev. Thomas Murphey (2)

Folder 7: Sgt. Nicholson

Folder 8: Capt. Pascall

Lt. Philips

Folder 9: Capt. R. G. Porter, U. S. N., Ft. Colorado

Folder 10: William J. Reed of Ellendale, Sussex Co., Delaware. Served with Co. G, 9th Delaware Regt.

Samuel P. Reynolds. Served in Co. A, 4th Delaware Regt.

William Thomas Reynolds, Co. H, 3rd Delaware Regt.

General Collection, Portraits—Box 4

Folder 5: Gen. Alfred T. A. Torbert, U. S. A.

Folder 6: Capt. Townsend

Folder 8: Sgt. Walsh

Folder 10: Maj. Gen. James H. Wilson, Commanding Cavalry Corps, Military Division of the Mississippi, April 2, 1865. (2)

General Collection, Military

Folder 1—group portraits

  • Three Union soldiers, including Robert S. Watson
  • Three Union soldiers, including Capt. Pascall, Lt. Waples, and Capt. Townsend
  • The officers of the 3rd Delaware
  • Color Guard of the 1st Delaware, with national and state colors

Folder 2—Fort Delaware, miscellaneous

  • "Prisoners of War in Fort Delaware, May 1864: Brave and Distinguished Southerners in a Union prison."
  • Trees growing through Civil War gun carriage
  • Sketch of Pea Patch Island and Fort Delaware, Nov. 1, 1864
  • From Harper’s Weekly, June 27, 1863: “Prisoners arriving at Ft. Delaware.”
  • Negatives of shells and cannonballs

Folder 3—Fort Delaware, external views

Folder 4—Fort Delaware, internal view

Purnell Collection, Subjects—Box 47

Folder 14—military

  • Gen. Grant and staff

  • Gen. Grant at Gettysburg

  • Union soldiers dead at Gettysburg (2)

Folder 15—military

  • Blue copy of group portrait with Watson

  • Drawing of Blue Hen chickens stamping out the Copperheads, 1860.

Film, “Delaware in the Civil War: Splitting of the Diamond.”

A black-and-white film, approximately 15 minutes long, focusing on Delaware’s duality as a border state. The film discusses both the Union and Confederate factions in the state, the resulting debates in the state legislature, the disarming of southern Delawarean Home Guards by Union troops, and the importance of Fort Delaware.