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Many of the Small Manuscripts collections contain Civil War-related documents. These collections, often family papers, may include diaries and correspondence of soldiers at the front and their families at home.

Bell Collection

Several lengthy letters written by James A. Bell while in Washington D. C. regarding various aspects of the war, including a detailed account of his capture and imprisonment in Richmond.

Burton-Wooten Papers

Several letters between Judge Edward Wooten and Governor William Burton regarding Home Guards, commissions, and raising troops, 1861-1862.

Downes, Townsend

Two volumes of diaries of Townsend Downes, a sergeant in the 1 st Del. Cavalry, Co. C. The diaries date from Jan. 1, 1864 to Dec. 31, 1864, and from Jan. 1, 1865 to June 10, 1865.

Eccles, William

Discharge certificate of William Eccles, 1864.

Fairbanks, William H.

Three volumes of diaries, from 1861, 1863, and 1865; entries focus on daily farm life in Delaware during those years.

Harrington Papers

Collection of letters between John Harrington, Sgt. in the 3 rd Del., Co. H., and John Vickers, 1862-1864. One folder of original letters and one folder of typescript copies of the originals in the other folder.

Hitch Collection

1864 diary of Sgt. Spencer Hitch, stationed near Washington, D. C.

La Motte (Lammot)

Collection of letters from Charles E. La Motte, mostly at H. Q., 2 nd Div., 5 th Army Corps, to his family in Wilmington. Folder includes cards with summarization of letters.

Moor-Naudain Collection

Letters to and from Robert Moor, a Union soldier.

Moore, Archibald

Selected pages from his military log, April 1, 1864-April 17, 1867. Moore was a Navy sailor on board the Union ship "Brooklyn," and saw action at Mobile Bay and other engagements.

Murphy Papers

Letters from camps where T. G. Murphy of Dover served as chaplain.

Purnell Collection (MS 9344, 9406)

Several well-written letters from a soldier in a New York regiment to friends in Cooperstown, NY. In the oversized box, there is a copy of a muster and descriptive roll of Consolidated Co. B, 1 st Del. Cavalry, and a copy of a muster-out roll of Co. B, 1 st Del. Cavalry.

James Harrison Wilson Collection

Typescript copy of diaries of General J. H. Wilson, 1861-1865. As an Army engineer, Wilson played an active role at highest level of Union command. (For other Wilson papers, see Reference Reels R31 and R50).

Woodall, Daniel

1863 field diary of Col. Woodall, 1 st Delaware Regiment. Also typescript copies of Woodall correspondence and papers.