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When Delaware State University first opened, the Loockerman Mansion was the main college building. This building included the administrative offices, classrooms, faculty offices, as well as the student’s dormitory.

With funding from the State of Delaware in the early 20th century, three more buildings were constructed:
The Chapel (Thomasson Building)
Jason Hall
Lore Hall

The campus was able to expand in the 1920s because of Pierre DuPont's philanthropy. Four buildings were added to campus:
Delaware Hall
The President's House
Conrad Hall
The Practice School

Delaware State University’s campus did not expand again until Jerome Holland’s presidency in the 1950’s. Three new buildings were added during that time:
Memorial Hall
Grossley Hall
Conwell Hall

1960-1987 Building Construction
Laws Hall (1963)
Science Center (1964)
Agriculture Building (1966; later Baker Building)
Business and Home Economic Building (1967; later Price Building)
Men’s Dorm #2 (1968; later Evers Hall)
Student Center(1968; later MLK Student Center)
Jenkins Hall
ETV Building
Education and Humanities Building
William Jason Library (1st phase)

1987-2003 Building Construction
Jason Library (2nd phase)
Warren-Franklin Men and Women's Dorms
Mishoe Science Center Expansion
College of Business Building (now the Bank of America Building)Courtyard Apartments
Administration Building

2008-2010 Building Construction
Wellness and Recreation Center
MLK Student Center