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The African American Experience in Delaware - Documents

  • Public School Insurance Evaluation Reports, 1941
    Insurance evaluations of public schools recorded and photographed in 1941.

  • Delaware Laws from 1829
    In 1829 the African-American population of Delaware was comprised of 15,855 free negroes, and 3,292 slaves. The laws of the State of Delaware for this period reflect the morality of the time.

  • Slavery Papers
    Legal documents related to the treatment of slaves living in the State of Delaware.

  • Joseph Barker's Negro Ledger
    Joseph Barker was a general merchant whose store and home was located at Barkers Landing on the St. Jones River in Murkerkill Hundred. Titled by Barker as his "Negro Ledger A", the volume contains entries for purchases made by his African-American customers. Each entry notes the name of customer, date of purchase, items purchased, cost for each item, date and amount paid, and how paid. Often bills were paid with grain, other items, or labor.

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