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Records of Delawareans Who Died in World War II

The complete "Delawareans Who Died in World War II" Collection is currently located in our online Delaware Heritage Collection. This collection consists of compiled service records for those who died during World War II. They were collected by Archives staff for use in the memorial at the Delaware Memorial Bridge and for the Delaware Memorial Volume. A basic form was filled out by family members to include the soldier’s military training, service history, cause of death, and basic family information. In addition, the following information is included in some, but not all records: photos of servicemen, obituaries, funeral notices, discharge papers, letters from commanding officers, citations for awards, official death notifications, letters from comrades, and remarks from grieving parents. Note: the statement, “Not a Delawarean” is written on some forms. This does not necessarily reflect the veteran’s connection with Delaware, just that they were not included on the memorial.

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