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Delaware's Role In World War II Photograph Collection

This collection consists of photographs collected for use in the book, Delaware's Role in World War II, written by William H. Conner and Leon deValinger, Jr. It was published by the Public Archives Commission in 1955. The photos include views of the Delaware National Guard, military bases in the state, Delaware servicemen and servicewomen in various theaters of war, and civilian efforts on the home front. These civilian activities include civilian defense, war bond drives, agricultural and industrial production, and selective service. There are also portraits of the Delaware servicemen and servicewomen. Most are photos of individuals, but there are many group portraits, also. Most show them in uniform and many were photographed in the theater of war. Branches of the armed forces include Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corp, WAVES, WACS, and SPARS. Some personnel were American Red Cross workers

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