Taking Responsibility

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100th Anniversary

This 1832 Bastardy Bond identifies John Anthony as the father of James Henry, the child of Lydia Bailey, a single woman.

Taking Responsibility

The bastardy bonds named the father of a child born out of wedlock and the mother. The father had to pay money to help with the expenses of the child. In 1834, John Anthony and Lydia Bailey, had another child, named Sarah, out of wedlock. We may never know if they married, but it seems they did live together. The census of 1840 indicates there were an adult male and female and a young boy living in the same household. Sarah may have died since there are no young females listed.

These bonds are found in the account books kept by the Trustees of the Poor. They range in dates from 1791 to 1930. A law was passed in 1775 providing for an overseer of the poor and in 1791 the Trustees of the Poor was created under Levy Court. Other records in this collection include account books, birth and deaths, court orders, apprentice indentures and pauper books.