Integrating Delaware Schools

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100th Anniversary

Following the landmark 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision, the Delaware State Board of Education issued this statement for Delaware schools.

Integrating Delaware Schools

It took Delaware more than a decade for its schools to be fully integrated. In 1952, three schools in New Castle County were integrated. After the Brown decision in 1954, Delaware schools did not embrace integration. Many schools said they needed twelve years to be able to fully integrate. The state told schools that by 1961 all schools needed to be fully desegregated, but only forty percent were at that time. In 1964, the Board of Education eliminated six “Negro” school districts which accelerated integration, although, seventeen districts still existed.

This document is found in the Governor’s Papers which contain records that were generated by the Governor’s Office. Included in this collection are, correspondence, various reports, press releases, meeting minutes, invitations, governors’ messages, photographs and publications of the Governors since 1874. The papers from previous Governors are found in the Executive Papers.