Hold that Line!

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100th Anniversary

Georgetown High School’s Football Team in 1912.

Hold That Line!

Georgetown’s High School was built in 1885. As with other districts in the state, a process of consolidating the one room school houses began in 1915. This greatly increased the size of the population of the school. At the same time, football was becoming a popular sport. A combination of rugby and soccer, play started at colleges in the 1870s. The game evolved in the 1880s close to what we know today. By the turn of the 20th century it was both popular and controversial for its violence. Many players and coaches were elevated to hero status by the citizens of the country even if they had not gone to college.

The Purnell Collection of photographs contains representations of a wide range of subjects and time periods that give an excellent view of Sussex county life. There are also some photos from Kent and New Castle Counties with the collection divided into three categories: places, street scenes, businesses, buildings and transportation; portraits and subjects.