A New Phase of Life

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100th Anniversary

Two freshmen at the University of Delaware in 1951 appear to have very different impressions of freshman week.

A New Phase of Life

The University of Delaware was founded in 1743 as Alison’s Free School, a small private academy. The name changed in 1769 to the Academy at New Ark and again in 1833 to Newark College. In 1843, it was renamed Delaware College and became a land grant college in 1870. Co-education was introduced in 1872 only to be abolished thirteen years later. In 1914, a Women’s College was opened on the campus. The name University of Delaware became official in 1921. A reorganization of the university took place in 1945 that merged the Women’s College with the men.

The General Photograph Collection is a broad collection of photos spanning the 20th century with a few from the late 19th century with the 1940s through the 1960s heavily represented. It has a variety of subjects from business and local events to towns and recreation. This photograph is from the education section.