Not in My Hometown!

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In 1816, these citizens of Smyrna sent this remonstrance to the Court of Common Pleas to protest John McWhorter's request for a license to operate a "Publick House."

Not in My Hometown

Taverns or "publick houses" were a common sight in the 18th and 19th centuries. Not only were they a place to eat or have a drink, but often they also accommodated over night guests. It would not be unusual for more than one to operate in a town. Smyrna had at least one other "publick house" in 1816; it was owned and operated by Comfort Lockwood. It seems the protest concerned whether John McWhorter would run a reputable house.

Other documents in The Kent County Tavern Licenses and Remonstrances are the petitions for a tavern signed by the townspeople. Also included are the petitions against taverns and the granting document from the court.