Delaware - The Nations Capital?

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With the creation of a new federal government there was the need to find a suitable site for the nation’s capital. These leading citizens of Delaware petitioned the Delaware General Assembly to offer the First State as a practical choice for the United States Capital.

Delaware: The Nation’s Capital?

In the fall of 1787, the United States Constitution was completed and the individual states were in the process of debating over its merits and shortcomings. Although the state of Delaware would not ratify the Constitution until December 7, a group of Delawareans from New Castle County realized that a new national capital may be chosen. They responded to this opportunity by proposing to the Delaware General Assembly that the state offer a district within Delaware for the new capital. However, political necessities eventually led to the creation of Washington D.C. on the banks of the Potomac River as the nation’s capital.

This petition can be found in the Legislative Papers Collection. These papers were generated by the General Assembly. The collection includes accounts, acts and bills, communications, elections, petitions, resolutions, reports and summons.