Drawing History part 1

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This colorful 1870 advertisement promotes Whann’s Fertilizer and provides researchers with an excellent drawing of the factory during that era.

Drawing History

The Capelle & Walton Company started in 1861. By 1865, the name had changed to Walton, Whann & Company which manufactured fertilizers on a large scale. Their business was located at the south end of the Christiana Bridge. The bones that were used to make the fertilizers came from the slaughterhouses of Texas and South America.

Broadsides are located in the Department of State Collection. Other broadsides focus on advertisements, civil war, education, government, politics, private disputes, revolutionary war, slavery, temperance, transportation and World War II era. The rest of Department of State collection includes records associated with the Office of the Secretary of State and the divisions within the department including the Division of Corporations to Historical and Cultural Affairs.