Delaware Union or Confederate part 2

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Governor Burton’s 1861 letter to Governor Hicks of Maryland discussing the strong southern support in Delaware.

Delaware: Union or Confederate?

Governor Burton, in response to a letter from Governor Hicks of Maryland, shared his conflict and the deep divisions of Delaware during the Civil War. Governor Burton disagreed with the Federal Government when Federal Troops were sent to Delaware to help maintain order. Much of Delaware, especially Kent and Sussex Counties, had strong southern sympathies. He bent his efforts to comply, but tried to maintain the rights of Delaware.

This letter is part of the Executive Papers collection which date from 1776 to 1900. This collection includes files from the Governor’s office on finances, the military, commissions and petitions. The collection also includes records of activities of the state’s chief executive and appointed and elected cabinet officials. Documents created by this office after this time are found under Governor's Papers.