A Difference In Opinions

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In 1968, the Vietnam War protests had intensified to the point that the Veterans of Foreign Wars felt the Delaware state government should not financially support the University of Delaware if the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) was permitted to be an active organization on campus

A difference of opinion

The "Students for a Democratic Society", formed in 1960, was inspired by the Civil Rights movement. As the decade progressed and involvement in the Vietnam War escalated, the focus of the group shifted to protesting the war. The Students for a Democratic Society met the requirements of the University of Delaware for becoming a duly constituted student group. It was the view of the university as long as they did not violate any rules, they had as much right on campus as other groups whether you agreed with them or not.

This document is found in the Governor’s Papers which contain records that were generated by the Governor’s Office. Included in the collection are, correspondence, various reports, press releases, meeting minutes, invitations, governors’ messages, photographs and publications of the Governors since 1874. The papers from previous Governors are found in the Executive Papers.