A Long Life 2

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100th Anniversary
This 1898 death register documents the death of Temperance Hollis (fifth name from the top of the page). Hollis was listed as being 125 years old when she died.

A Long Life

Although Temperance Hollis, a widow, is listed as being an occupant of the Almshouse when she died in 1898, it is unknown when she actually entered the facility. In Addition, the "record of deaths of colored females" in the Alms House records her age at death as 107, not 125. The Almshouse records also reveal her former residence as Little Creek Hundred and the coffin receipt for Hollis from William L. Pritchett, Dr., an undertaker and embalmer in Dover.

The death record is part of the Department of Health and Social Services Collection. Other records found in the collection include marriage and birth certificates, general correspondence, minutes from a variety of councils and commissions within the department, state welfare home reports, journals, ledgers and other records documenting other duties of the department.