Delaware's Most Wanted

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100th Anniversary
Port Mahon Lighthouse, May 1938. The lighthouse was built in 1903 and destroyed by fire in 1984. This is the most frequently ordered photograph in the Archives collection.

Our Most Wanted

The Port Mahon Lighthouse was completed in 1903 and was the last in a series of lighthouses built where the Mahon River and Delaware Bay meet. It was most important for the prosperous oyster fleet that once came in and out of the port. The manned light was replaced in 1949 with an automated light. By the time it burned to the ground in 1984, only the house itself was left all the other buildings had fallen victim to the bay.

The General Photograph Collection is a broad collection of photos spanning the 20th century with a few from the late 19th century with the 1940s through 1960s highly represented. It has a variety of subjects from business and local events to towns and recreation. This photo is from the public buildings section.