A Meeting of Innovators

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100th Anniverary

Charles Lindbergh and Emily Bissell pose in front of the "Spirit of St. Louis" when the famous flier visited Delaware in October 1927. Bissell was the originator of Christmas Seals.

A Meeting of Innovators

Six months after Charles Linbergh flew across the Atlantic Ocean; he came to Delaware and met Emily Bissell. Emily was the originator of Christmas Seals that are sold to raise money for tuberculosis. Bissell used the funds to purchase a farm that became a hospital for tuberculosis patients. Henry Belin du Pont urged Lindbergh to come to Wilmington since he was a fan of aviation and wanted an airport in Wilmington. Lindbergh told the crowd, "Get yourself an airport. No city should be without an airport."

The Purnell Collection of photographs contains representations of a wide range of subjects and time periods that give an excellent view of Sussex County life. There are also some photos from Kent and New Castle Counties with the collection divided into three categories: places, street scenes, businesses, buildings and transportation; portraits and subjects.